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Listening for the Sacred Shomei-a BaRuach  שומע ברוח
(Listening with the soul / Hearing in the wind)   


TSBSB Torah Translation

Torah dwelling within us, who are dwelling in Torah

תּוֹרָה שׁוֹכֶנֶת בְּתּוֹכֵנוּ שֶׁשׁוֹכְנִים בַּתּוֹרָה
Torah sho-chenet b’tocheinu she-shoch’nim baTorah

תּוֹרָה שֵׁב־שׁוּב
Torah Shev-shuv: sit-again, settle-back, reside & return – in Torah

TSBSB Bible app files

The full text of Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) is also available for use with the mySword Bible-study app (Android) and the myBible app (iOS, Android) as TSBSB (Torah Shev-shuv). With these apps you can view the translation alongside other versions - the original Hebrew, King James, etc. - and Hebrew words can link to dictionary entries. Verses translated by Reb Rachmiel are marked with an asterisk (and blue text, in mySword). Other verses are from JPS 1917 (The Holy Scriptures, Jewish Publication Society of America) which is in the public domain. The JPS 1917 translation has been slightly modernized; for example: ‘you’ for ‘thee’, ‘your’ for ‘thy’ or ‘thine’, ‘know’ for ‘knowest’, ‘says’ for ‘saith’, etc. Second-person plural (‘you’) has been changed to ‘you-all’ to retain differentiation from second-person singular.


mySword Bible-study app (Android, including Amazon Fire). The basic app is free. If you want to see side-by-side translations (Parallel mode), it can be worthwhile to send a small "seed donation" and upgrade to the Premium version. (The app store version is not upgradeable; instead download from the mySword website.Otherwise, the free version includes Compare mode, which shows multiple translations for a single verse at a time. (See installation note below.)

TSBSB mySword bible database - translated text with footnotes

To install TSBSB mySword database on your tablet/phone:

* Installation note: Under Android 11, in the mySword app do not 'Select Modules Path' as 'Android SD card' or 'Split Modules Path.' Both of those options use a folder within Android\data, which is blocked to user access under Android 11. The default setting of 'Default data path' (or 'custom data path') work fine, using Local-storage\mysword.


myBible Bible-study app (iOS, Android). Free app. (From the web page: click on the 3-bar menu on the left, and scroll down to find the links to the Google and Apple app stores.)

TSBSB myBible bible database - translated text

TSBSB myBible commentary database - footnotes (linked from translated text)

To install TSBSB myBible database on your tablet/phone:

* Installation note: If running under Android 11, set the MyBible app Settings | Data directory | Select | Selected directory as 'Application data on built-in memory' or 'Application data on SD card.' Using a custom 'Selected Directory' will no longer work. The current version requires use of the Application Data directory with the 'extra module' option as outlined above.

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